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tank museum

We first met The Tank Museum when we exhibited at The Family Attractions Show, where we had a conversation about tank slippers!


With the buyers wanting to improve upon their current offering, we embarked upon a redesign of slippers in the shape of 4 different tanks.

Our digital print technology allowed for realistic digital detailing-the accuracy of the design was really important here as there are distinct differences between the tanks.

The success of the slippers led to further collaboration in designing an (appropriately named!) tank top in a vintage style-the product proving to be so popular we were very soon asked to produce a second run. Though we must give some credit for the sales to the incredible modelling for their webshop!

Following a visit to our Warwickshire showroom where we could introduce The Tank Museum to a wider range of the products we offer, we then produced a full compliment of products including luggage, fleece blankets & robes, pyjamas, knitwear, bedding, curtains & matching bean bag skins. 

Our most recent addition to their store is the mini plush tanks- the perfect takeaway product for children visiting the museum. These are proudly housed in our custom made plush cube (or, in fact, our first cuboid!) featuring a beautifully routed design.

We're really enjoying working with The Tank Museum & the opportunities they bring for us to design and produce something out of the ordinary!

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