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Frequently asked questions

There are no stupid questions! If we don't answer your query here please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q. How do I clean plush toys?

A. Our Zappi Co. plush toys and our bespoke soft toys are all machine washable. We recommend washing at 30 degrees for a good clean that's soft on the planet too. You may want to give your plush toy a little brush too if the pile needs fluffing up again!

Q. Are there any eco-friendly plush toy options available?

A. Absolutely yes! Every single one of our plush toys is filled with 100% recycled plastic. Even better, all items in our Zappi Co. Eco 100 range are made entirely from recycled plastic. Both the outer and inner materials. We also offer & encourage recycled options in our bespoke toys such as football mascots, shaped cushions and Bambino Baby Range of newborn plush, rattles & comforters. In the last year our recycled plush initiatives meant that approximately 2 million plastic bottles were recycled!

Q. What steps do you take to reduce packaging waste?

A.We've developed new sew-in labels for plush toys which fit all necessary information so they can be packaging & waste free. Where retail stores require swing tickets, plastic kimbles have been replaced with paper ties. This has reduced the use of over 1 million plastic kimbles from our products!

We've designed pyjama bag alternatives to plastic packaging alongside recycled/recyclable options.

We've eliminated plastic windows from our CMJ RC Cars packaging, switching to open boxes or closed packaging with images of the car. This has removed over 1.1 million pieces of unnecessary plastic from our packaging already!

We've ceased use of individual plastic bag wrapping except where required by customers. In which case, recycled or biodegradable bags are used.

Q. What are The Gift Scholars' soft toys made from?

A. Our soft toys are made from polyester. The stuffing in every single one of our plush toys is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This type of polyester is known as rPET (Recycled Polyethylene terephthalate). The outers are made from recycled plastic wherever possible. We're working on converting every single soft toy to 100% recycled inside & out. Where we have already achieved this these toys become a member of the Zappi co. Eco 100 range!

Q. Are your plush toys free from harmful chemicals & toxins?

A. Yes. Our plush toys are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are safe & well made.

Our process includes tests for flammability, migration of certain elements, labelling & physical & mechanical hazards. These tests ensure that our toys comply with regulations EN71 parts 1-3. All toys conform to CE & UKCA safety standard & are suitable for newborn babies.

Q. Can I buy sustainable merchandise?

A. Yes! We have been designing & producing merchandise for sports clubs, attractions, zoos, museums & theme parks for years, & in this time we have worked hard to develop more planet friendly products. Many of our ranges are available in 100% recycled options. This includes:

Luggage (over 540k plastic bottles recycled in the last year) 

Fleece blankets & hoodies (over 820k plastic bottles recycled in the last year)

Bedding (over 100k plastic bottles recycled in the last year)

Q. Are Zappi Co. soft toys safe for babies & children?

A. Yes all of the soft toys we manufacture are safe from newborn, including our sports mascot toys & of course the popular bambino baby range! We take the safety of our products very seriously and therefore they undergo rigorous testing. They comply with regulations EN71 parts 1-3 & conform to CE & UKCA safety standard.

Q. Where can I see your catalogues?

A. We took the decision to reduce our paper consumption & make all of our catalogues digital. This has the added benefit of always being up to date as we are constantly expanding our ranges with fantastic new products and lines. You can view all of our catalogues on the relevant pages of this website, on our dedicated catalogue page but also here via our linktree.

Q. Do you support any environmental causes or initiatives?

A.  Recently we partnered with Switch2Zero to reduce our carbon footprint.


As a business, we believe that reducing our carbon footprint is crucial to mitigating the risks of climate change. Our latest initiative involves purchasing trees to be planted in regions deeply affected by deforestation, thereby aiding the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


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