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From our founding in 2015, The Gift Scholars Ltd. has always been an eco-conscious merchandise company.

We are constantly looking for ways in which to make our processes & products more earth friendly. Here are a few ways we're doing that:


We work closely with factories to increase their use of recycled materials across all of our ranges. Both bespoke & off the shelf. The stuffing for all of our soft toys is recycled, with every toy 60% recycled as a minimum. Our aim is for our entire range of Zappi co. plush toys to be 100% recycled, constantly expanding the Eco 100 range. Learn more about our Eco Plush in our Blog.

Our recycled plastic doesn't stop at plush toys though! We have worked hard to develop the use of recycled polyester in every possible product, with recycled options available to our bespoke customers across luggage, bedding & homewares, clothing & towels.

Our bestselling Build Your Own Keyring uses FSC wood offcuts with cotton laces & cardboard header cards. The unique concept with locally built wooden stands eliminates the need for packaging too!

Our Zappi co. dinosaur figures are made from recycled rubber, offering longevity compared to budget plastic alternatives.

We've designed a new alloy toy car range as an alternative to plastic.
















OUR Packaging

We've developed new sew-in labels for plush toys which fit all necessary information so they can be packaging & waste free. Where retail stores require swing tickets, plastic kimbles have been replaced with paper ties.

We've designed pyjama bag alternatives to plastic packaging alongside recycled/recyclable options.

We've eliminated plastic windows from our CMJ RC Cars packaging, switching to open boxes or closed packaging with images of the car.

We've ceased use of individual plastic bag wrapping except where required by customers. In which case, recycled or biodegradable bags are used.





Shredded card, paper eco tape & reuse of stock cartons eliminates plastic packaging & unnecessary manufacture of new cardboard boxes.

We've embraced QR codes, thereby minimising paper usage. Our catalogues & business cards are all electronic.

Electric car chargers installed at our HQ promote the use of energy efficient vehicles for our staff & visitors.

Collaboration with factories on waste processes & improving audit scores.

Expansion of our warehouse capacity has streamlined our supply chain, bypassing third party warehousing. We work hard to consolidate samples & deliveries to reduce freight & shipments.

Reselling of broken toys to prevent them going to landfill.


OUR initiatives

Recently we partnered with Switch2Zero to reduce our carbon footprint.


As a business, we believe that reducing our carbon footprint is crucial to mitigating the risks of climate change. Our latest initiative involves purchasing trees to be planted in regions deeply affected by deforestation, thereby aiding the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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