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national marine aquarium

Opened with the aims of research, education & conservation, the National Marine Aquarium is a charity we are particularly pleased to be working with. Since our founding The Gift Scholars has had a strong awareness of the environmental impact of mass production & packaging in the merchandise industry, and we are constantly developing new ways to reduce or eliminate the plastic in our products.


We have been supplying the NMA in Plymouth for several years with bespoke products and our popular bead keyring.

Following the success of our exclusive NMA puffer fish, our latest project saw a development of our plush toy range, with three versions in various sizes being produced especially for them. We are proud of the fact that the stuffing in our plush toys is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, a positive step towards reducing the plastic in our oceans. 

As each animal has its own fact card, we worked closely with the team at the NMA to ensure that the facts included were accurate, and we drew upon their expertise to shape the appearance of the finished toys.

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