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Always a pleasure! Our huge merchandise range for the iconic Blackpool resort.

In recent weeks we saw the final items of a huge range we have produced for Pleasure Beach Resort in Blackpool delivered to their many on-site stores. It was with a huge sense of satisfaction that we completed this project, not least because of the size and variation of the range.

Pleasure Beach Resort have several rides that have become hugely well known & built a cult following. With strong theming they take on a personality of their own & the merchandise we produced needed to reflect this, paying particular attention to the brand guidelines for each ride.

The Big One. Hugely Patriotic with sweeping views of the Blackpool coast from its dizzying heights of 235 feet. This rollercoaster is all about the colours; Red White & Blue, & you can't miss the Union Flag!

Icon. The UK's first double launch rollercoaster at F1 speeds features a Japanese theme. We have a fondness for this ride, having already designed its ride heroes & having two colourways to work with makes it an interesting project. The white with pink cherry blossom design contrasts with the original black & red palette. Sparing use of the gold from the ride carriages elevates the product typography.

Grand National. A one of a kind ride, being Europe's only twin-track racing coaster. With the ride being designed in 1935, the beautiful art deco ride station sets the theme for much of the aesthetic.

Valhalla. Immersion in more ways than one! In this multi award winning ride, a longboat carries you through the atmospheric dark of the Viking warrior afterlife in this very wet flume ride-featuring music, special effects, fire & cascades of water.

Finally, not a ride but certainly iconic! Mr Funshine. For over 70 years his beaming yellow face was the official logo of the resort & he continues to be the most recognisable symbol of a day out on the Northwest Coast. This cheery design will never get tired & is great fun to add to bags, socks, pyjamas & more.

We've thoroughly enjoyed working with the buyers to develop this varied range of merchandise & it's so exciting to see it on the shelves of their many shops being enjoyed by their visitors. Is it any wonder we love what we do?!

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