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Heart Of England. A wildlife park with a difference. Or several!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The Heart Of England Redditch

At The Gift Scholars we’re always on the lookout for any new enterprises that would be a good fit for our products. We recently discovered the Heart of England Wildlife Park which we were excited to see is located in Worcestershire, only 15 minutes away from our offices. Heart of England Wildlife Park is unlike anywhere we have worked with before.

For several reasons:

  • Firstly, they aren’t open yet! We are following a work in progress which hopes to welcome the public in Easter 2021. We’ve become hooked on their YouTube videos where we are learning about the process of creating a wildlife conservation project from scratch. From designing logos to choosing fencing, this feels like something we are already a part of.

Watch From Concept to Conservation here:

  • It's not your average animal encounter. Heart of England Wildlife Park will give visitors the opportunity to experience a realistic safari style walkthrough. Far from the traditional zoo, guests will walk amongst the animals on wide paths, planted in such a way that the fences keeping them and the animals safely separated will feel as if they’re not there. There will also be a visitor centre, savannah themed café, and of course the all-important gift shop! As well as being the perfect place for a local family day out, the park brings new job opportunities to the Redditch area. In the current economic climate particularly, this is something to be grateful for.

  • It’s a personal mission. Martin the director left his secure job in education and sold his house to kick start the project, making his long-held dream of creating an immersive wildlife park a reality. He has so much passion for the conservation and protection of endangered species, and he’s passing this enthusiasm on to so many who have taken up his offer to #JoinThePack and support his crowdfunding project.

  • Endless learning opportunities. The Wildlife park seeks to educate all who visit, with both domestic and exotic animals to discover. They will be offering onsite workshops, visits and virtual classes tailored to support the core subjects of the National Curriculum at all levels. With the principles of education, conservation and research at its core, who wouldn’t be excited to engage with such a worthwhile cause. We certainly are!

To learn more about Heart of England Wildlife Park, visit their website at:


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