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How are plush toys made? A peek behind the scenes at Zappi Co. HQ!

If you didn't know already, capybaras have been the talk amongst EVERYBODY for the past few months, & it's not gone unnoticed here at Zappi Co.! We are always looking for unique & adorable animals to add to our collection, with capybaras being one of the most requested additions from our customers.

We wanted to do it right, so our team got researching to ensure that our capybara plush capture the essence of these delightful creatures. From their large, expressive eyes to their feet, every detail has been meticulously crafted to create a lifelike and cuddly companion for children and adults alike.

Ever wondered how we manage to get it just right? Keep reading below to discover our secrets!

Known for their gentle nature and charming appearance, capybaras have captured the hearts of animal lovers worldwide.

These furry giants call the lush riverbanks and tranquil wetlands of South America home sweet home, with their laid-back lifestyle and affinity for soaking in hot springs. So with that in mind... what did we do?

The Process

We order first samples from our manufacturing partners to give us a starting point.

Having reviewed these samples Laura, our Production Manager, then collaborates closely with them to refine the design.

We discuss improvements and alterations, ensuring each item is a true reflection of our vision. Our animal plush toys are popular with zoos, wildlife charities & animal parks due to our attention to detail. They are as accurate a representation of the real animal as possible, while retaining their cute & cuddly charm for the youngest of customers!

Typical notes Laura would make:

• Make ears slightly bigger.

• Enlarge nostrils

• Add mouth detail (see photo)

• Change legs and nose to brown colour

The stuffing in all of our plush toys is made from 100% recycled PET plastic & we are working hard to make all of our plush with recycled outers also. These entirely recycled plush toys make up our Eco 100 range.

This however adds another element to the product development process, as we need to make sure that the recycled fabrics we use are still suitable. The pile might be too short, or the colour not quite the perfect shade. However, through an exchange of notes, reference pictures, swatches & sketches, we always manage to ensure that our eco friendly plush creations embody the quality and charm our brand is known for.

We will always ensure that all of our products comply with the relevant regulations &

our plush toys are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are safe & well made.

Our process includes tests for flammability, migration of certain elements, labelling & physical & mechanical hazards. These tests ensure that our toys comply with regulations EN71 parts 1-3. All toys conform to CE & UKCA safety standard & are suitable for newborn babies.

Once we have approved our finished sample, we need to give it a name. Every creature in our beautiful planet is unique, so we think our toys deserve their own identity too! Our staff members each have a toy named after them, & other names we choose according to what we think suits the animal.

The sew-in labels are designed & printed with their name & codes uniquely for each toy, in order to reduce the need for tags & plastic kimbles where not necessary.

At the request of our retail customers we have however designed a special recycled card swing tag with a paper tie in order to enable the point of sale process where needed.

So there you have it. As you can see, a lot of love goes into every toy we produce, & we hope you love the result. From everyone at Zappi Co. (including Claud & Cecilia the capybaras), thanks for reading!


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