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The Gift Scholars At Home

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

In March we, like most other offices in the UK, had to close our doors and decamp to work from our own homes. The Gift Scholars are a close team, we're all aware of each other's projects and often collaborate and help each other where we can.

This new way of working apart required a great deal of adjustment from us all, but once we'd moved our office seating home (in place of the dining chairs!) we all adapted well and found a new way of being for a few months.

Makeshift desks became the norm for most of us in the UK.

The greatest challenge we found was keeping everyone in the team abreast of our workflows; the current challenges that needed solving or that we were working on.

Timelines are so important for The Gift Scholars. We are constantly designing and developing new products, needing samples produced for our, and customer, approval.

With the Covid situation changing on a daily basis, not only at home but also abroad, logistics became tricky with delays possible at every end of the process. Our homes became post rooms, packing stations and delivery hubs.

Communication is so important for us in order to maintain a consistent service and customer experience so a huge amount of time was spent on the phone, emailing and messaging each other. For such a close team the lack of face to face communication took a while to get used to.

Reunited at last!

When finally allowed back to the office we were all pretty excited to be working together again - albeit at a 2 metre distance. Fingers crossed we can stay put this time, but at least we've learnt we can survive when parted. Thank goodness for modern technology!


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