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Made from recycled wooden beads & eco cotton laces


Our 'Build Your Own Keyring' was created with the increasing popularity of personalised products in mind. Initially designed for the gift shops of attractions, zoos and charities we have now rolled it out to sports clubs with a new range of shaped beads available. 


Customers in store can select their lace colour, spell their own name (however unusual) and choose their shaped beads.

From a commercial point of view this is a very attractive line. It appeals to a mass market, takes up limited storage and display space, and generates a great margin for our customers, being a bestseller for many.

Alongside the off the shelf shaped beads; such as footballs & shirts in standard colours, we produce bespoke beads based on your team kit or your mascot. The standard display unit is made from wood with decals produced to suit, but we have designed & manufactured several tailor made stands upon request.

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